William B. Umstead State Park William B. Umstead State Park offers a lot with over 16 miles of hiking trails, and 17 miles of bridal trails for those of you with horses. There are some paved trails, but most are unpaved. The trails are usually well marked, but do pay attention to your map, I've met up with many lost people while there! Bug repellant might not be a bad idea either, and be sure to check for ticks afterwards. That advice is for all parks actually, but Umstead is particularly "woodsy". Ruins of old mills can be observed on some trails.

There are three lakes, all of which offer good fishing, and two of the lakes have swimming areas. The Big Lake has boat rentals (not free), no swimming.

Picnic sites are available and several are wheelchair accessible.

Non-free camping and lodge use exists also.

The visitors center is relatively new, and is very nice. I'd recommend stopping in to pick up a free map, ask any questions, and use the nice restrooms before heading out onto the trails. A really nice unpaved trail loop starts just behind the visitors center - quite convenient.

The park also offers educational programs, check with the Visitors Center for more information.

8801 Glenwood Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27612
(919) 571-4170

Click here for street map and directions to Umstead Park