Umstead State Park

This 5,439-acre park offers 16 miles of paved and unpaved hiking trails, and 17 miles of bridal trails. (more)

Shelley Lake Park

Featuring a 53 acre lake, and approximately 3 miles of smooth paved trails, this park is a favorite of walkers, joggers, bike riders, dog walkers, and nature lovers. (more)

Lake Lynn Park

Lake Lynn is a 75 acre park with a mixture of paved and boardwalk trails. Lots of turtles and ducks. (more)

Pullen Park

Pullen Park is a family favorite in Raleigh. Lots to do here, from swimming to train riding, to a hand carved carousel ride, this place is fun! (more)

Historic Yates Mill Park

For a change of pace and a step back in time, check out the Historic Yates Mill park with a working grist mill. Great trails, and awesome views... (more)