A Tour of NC State University's North Campus

North Carolina State University is the premiere educational institution in North Carolina. Otherwise known as NCSU or NC State, the university was founded in 1887 and is recognized for its advances in technology and research, particularly in the fields of agriculture, science, and engineering. Because of this distinction, many students aspire to enter the university.

The North Carolina State University is also among the larger campuses in the country. It has four main campus buildings, namely the Centennial Campus, Central Campus, South Campus, and the North Campus.

Engineering Row

Among North Carolina State University's various campuses, the Engineering Row in the northern campus is among the most populated areas in the university. As its name suggests, the Engineering Row is an area in the university that includes three buildings: Withers Hall, Daniels Hall, and the Burlington laboratories -- all of which are primarily used by the science and engineering communities.

The Burlington laboratories area is a simple three-story building which hosts the major experiments and research activities on electrical and nuclear engineering. The building became famous in the 1950s when it became the venue for the first ever experiment on nuclear fission held in a university.

Compared to the Burlington area, the Daniels Hall building is simpler, with its four-story brick structure mainly used by the engineering and physics department. Despite its size, the rooms in this building are commonly utilized as office spaces, laboratories, and classrooms.

The Withers Hall, the last building in the Engineering row, was built in 1939 and boasts of a classic French-style architecture with its brick and ornamental design. Compared to other buildings in the Engineering row, the Withers Hall also has a more refreshing atmosphere since it is beset with lush and tall trees. The building is primarily used by students and faculty from the chemistry, physics, and mathematics departments.

Garden Arboretum at Burlington

The M.E. Gardner Arboretum, a main attraction in North Carolina State University, is located just beside the Burlington laboratories building. The arboretum contains various colorful plant specimens for experiment and research. The arboretum's serene surrounding also makes it a favorite place to relax and an alternative spot to study for students and faculty alike.

Memorial Bell Tower

But among the must-sees in the university, the Memorial Bell Tower is probably the most famous landmark. Located in the northern area of the North Carolina State University, the bell tower is a sure attention-grabber with its towering structure of over 115 feet. This landmark was created as a tribute for the university alumni who fought and died in the First World War. The tower is also considered a symbol of pride and achievement for most people in the university, and is often used as a backdrop during special events and celebrations.